Jordan Lee Thompson is an art worker and educator based out of Northeast Minneapolis. He works in a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, performance, installation, video production, projection, animation and other new media to combine his passions of participatory art, critical theory, sociology and storytelling. His work includes painting people onto mirrors, fabricating crowds, dating an imaginary woman, dancing with projections of people at a dance club, asking people to step on his self-portraits, mailing intimate letters to strangers, producing a soundtrack for lonely people to pretend they're less lonely, and drawing a gallery opening on the walls of a gallery. His professional practice includes both making art and educating youth and adults in media production, media literacy and technology in partnership with non-profit media organizations of the Twin Cities. Jordan also serves as the Creative Director of the multidisciplinary dance company Dance & Other Behaviors, and as the Film Festival Coordinator for Mizna's Twin Cities Arab Film Festival. Jordan holds a BFA in Painting, a BA in Art History and Arts Management, and a certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Iowa.

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